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Ultrasonic Algae and Biofilm Control Technology

Providing environmentally safe and efficient control of algae and biofilm growth :

  • Lakes and Reservoirs and Waste Water Treatment Lagoons

  • Irrigation Basins, Clarifiers and Sedimentation Basins

  • UV Chambers and Distribution Water Tanks

  • Solar: Land or Pontoon based systems

As exclusive representative and distributor for WaterIQ Technologies™, USA, we provide in the United Arab Emirates environmentally safe and efficient technology for control of algae and biofilm growth.


The WaterIQ equipment is guarantied to perform with proven reduction of algae growth at minimum 80-90% at a number of successful installations in Dubai. We undertake the design, supply, installation and preventive maintenance of the system to ensure the highest efficiency and performance over the years. Our systems are without any disturbance or effect on aquatic life and targeted only to the many species of algae. The system reduces the maintenance expenses for cleaning chemicals, and the mechanical filters and screens clogging frequency.


Click here for a brochure. For a detailed presentation and explanation of the system and the technology or if you have enquiry for your lake, pond, lagoon or reservoir, please contact us to schedule a free presentation.

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